What types of paint do you use?

I only purchase professional artist grade paints containing high pigment loads and the highest light fastness ratings. Fortunately, since I paint in several mediums, manufacturers produce such paints for all of them. For drawings, I seek out only professional level materials as well.

I only use acid free painting surfaces and substrate materials. This insures the archival quality of the finished piece.

Use of these highest quality materials means you can expect a painting that is created only with archival quality materials, including the substrate. Given proper care and quality mounting/framing, any of my paintings or drawings should last a lifetime of exposure to the common conditions of an interior display space.

Every painting I create is varnished with the appropriate type for the medium used. Varnish is the final step in a painting after it has dried. Varnish protects the painting from dust and airborne contaminants. It also allows the painting to be gently cleaned and dusted as needed without affecting the paint layers. Should your painting ever need repair or restoration work, the varnish can be easily removed and re-varnished.

The use of professional, artist quality paints, acid free substrates and appropriate varnish ensures you receive the highest quality, fine art painting possible. I list the brand of varnish and materials used on the reverse side of each painting for future reference should you or a conservator need them.

If you have a question regarding materials not covered here, don’t hesitate to contact me. And thank you for your interest!

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