Canyon Waterfall-ACEO

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Canyon Waterfall-ACEO
Canyon Waterfall detail
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What is ACEO?

There is an interesting format in the world of collectible art known as “Art Cards, Editions and Originals” or ACEO. The only criteria is the size of the art. ACEO cards are 3.5″x2.5″, the size of a typical trading card. An artist can use whatever medium they prefer and create any type of art desired on any substrate. Most often they’re done using traditional mediums on watercolor paper or bristol paper.

Where Can I Find ACEO cards?

One of the best places to shop for these is on eBay. Just search ACEO and refine your search from there. The prices vary from very inexpensive to quite pricey depending on the interest in the artist. But the format offers a wonderful way to collect original art on a budget and in a compact size suitable for keeping in a nice coffee table display folio.

This piece was done in the studio after a trip to Arches National Park in Utah. Highway 128 is a beautiful scenic drive from the I-70 expressway down to the Moab, Utah area. It runs along side the Colorado River and the scenery is awe inspiring from the Dewey bridge onward. In fact, many of the western films of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s were filmed in the region.

I made a few sketches along the way and reference photographs with my phone. Back at the studio I was inspired to cut up some thick watercolor paper and paint a series of ACEO cards themed around flowing water. I already had a fair amount of reference sketches and color notes from other trips so subject matter wasn’t going to be a problem.

This particular view was looking at the canyon wall where numerous waterfalls well up in the spring. They are draining off rain and any snowmelt from Arches National Park which occupies the region high up behind the canyon. I enjoyed painting this scene because of the strong contrast of the waterfall and spray against the varnished canyon wall. The green grasses and sage in the foreground were helpful in giving the scene some much needed depth.

Nature reveals so much to us in scenery and details. If we develop a mindful eye, even while rolling down the highway, we can notice the beauty that exists in the landscape we previously neglected. Eventually, the scenes and details we notice begin to draw us in by touching some inner, undefinable sensitivity. For those of us who draw, sketch and paint, this is a calling to capture that sensitivity as best we can.

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