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Welcome! I’m Don West. Since childhood in the early 1960’s I have drawn and painted. To keep me from being underfoot, my mother would sit me down at the robust, oak dining room table with crayons, pencils, pens and paper. I would happily sit there for a couple of hours making marks. I taught myself to draw my favorite cartoon character, my wiener dog Ginger, squirrels, birds and whatever other wildlife passed the window.

Though I didn’t know it then, I realize now what an escape it was to sit and draw. The process was cathartic and I always felt good inside after a session of mark making. Though my adult self works to improve my skills and understanding of creativity, that feeling still remains just as it did in childhood.

Now retired, I once again have plenty of time to draw and paint. I live in Colorado now, scenery in every direction. So Nature’s landscapes and details command my attention. I find that manmade landscapes are appealing as well, particularly when they are intertwined with natural surroundings.

My intent with this website is to share with you what I observe in the great outdoors. The resulting paintings and drawings are here to hopefully provide inspiration and a sense of calm and contemplation about how the scenes speak to your emotions. I do offer them for purchase but that is not the driving force of my work. Capturing beauty, interest and light are the reasons I paint and draw. It is challenging but in a good way! Painting and drawing are two things I truly enjoy. I hope you too will enjoy the works you find here too.

All the best to you,
Don West

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